【B女未改中文名】42歲陳展鵬做老竇 晒一家三口幸福相

更新時間 (HKT): 2019.04.21 12:00

單文柔在IG寫道:「Finally baby Quinta is here!!! Ruco and I welcomed our first daughter to the world and we cannot say enough about how positive our experience was during my pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care. The medical services I received from Dr. Peter Cheung, Ruby Sin during my stay in Hong Kong Adventist Hospital were exceptional! I felt at home throughout the entire recovery process and am entirely grateful for all of your professionalism and care. Thank you!(由懷孕開始我們就有數不完的美好回憶,歡迎我們的第一個女兒出世!多謝醫護人員及醫生們的照顧,令我覺得整個康復過程有家的感覺,非常感謝你們的專業及照顧。)」


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