【Second Opinion】ESG for China (Mark Simon)

更新時間 (HKT): 2020.02.02 15:54

Last week in Davos the world's elites gathered to celebrate being better than the rest of us. Elites, our betters, as they prefer to be known, focused their discussions on the newest acronym of the trendy and benile, ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Basically this means your company recycles, you have gay pride day, and you make certain you have women and minorities on your board of directors.

In other words it's politically correct and tyrant friendly.

ESG is completely safe for CEOs to prance around the world stage saying nothing, doing nothing, and buying off the left-wing activists. It's a scam and a game of cowards.

ESG is also a huge win for the Chinese Communist Party, as in no definition of ESG do the phrases or words, freedom, human rights, liberty, or press freedom appear. Now that China's Coronavirus has attacked the world, we can add two more words ESG doesn't cover; health & prosperity.

The world economy is grinding to a halt because the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has once again placed itself and its problem of survival above the actual survival of its own people and other nations. We are all expendable as long as the CCP survives.

How many more viruses? How many more ethnic minorities murdered? How many more Chinese are repressed? How many more cyber-security threats from China must we tolerate? How many more missles from North Korea? It's all bad, and it is all from one source. The Chinese Communist Party.

Freedom loving people have not, since the close of World War II, faced any foe as potent as the Chinese Communist Party. Unlike the Soviets they are rich, unlike tin-pot dictators and nut-job terrorists they are truly powerful. It's not 1939 Europe as the CCP are not, for now, an invading force that must be confronted with military might.

Yet make no mistake. The Chinese Communist Party is the greatest evil that currently exists in our world. It is a stone cold killer. No remorse over its actions, no regrets, just the desire to survive at the cost, if it has to be, of all others.

There is no compromise, no truce the Chinese Communists will abide that will protect the freedom of those who come into contact with the CCP. The academic, artistic, and business elites who seek to profit off trade with China are useful idiots who serve our freedoms up in exchange for profit. We cannot let these immoral elites be our front line in dealing with the Chinese Communist Party.

Which brings me back to Davos & ESG. It's unserious people dealing with an unserious topic. A topic for cowards. Imagine in 1939 meeting Churchill and Roosevelt and calling industrial pollution the greatest threat facing mankind. Such is the place of ESG today in regards to what threatens the democracies, what threatens our freedoms.

So every time you hear a mention of ESG think of the Chinese Communist Party not having to discuss carbon emissions, human rights abuses, or cyber intrusions, and trade imbalances. When your company talks about ESG ask, well maybe just think, about if this really means anything when the Chinese Communist Party is at the door.

The issue of our day, what to do with the Chinese Commuist Party, will not be solved at conferences, it will be solved through demands for greater democracy, more freedoms, and a recognition by China's leaders that tyranny is not an acceptable form of government.

Solving the problem of the Chinese Communist Party won't come from rich cowards in Davos, but from tough young people on the streets of Hong Kong, reformers in China, and activists in democracies who have grown tired of a Chinese Communist Party that offers no value, and only threats.