HK$2M raised in private prosecution against British expat cops for torture of Hong Kong protesters

Published (HKT): 2020.09.02 19:26

More than HK$2 million have been raised in under a month to fund private prosecution efforts against British expatriate police officers in Hong Kong over torture charges, the campaign organizers say.

The crowdfunding project was launched in August by British political activist Luke de Pulford and Nathan Law, a young Hong Kong pro-democracy activist who recently fled to London from Hong Kong after China imposed a controversial security law on the territory in June.

It had attracted 4,540 people to contribute a total of 200,000 pounds (US$268,000), de Pulford, who was undertaking the project in his personal capacity, said on his Twitter page on Tuesday. He is a member of the United Kingdom-based human rights group Hong Kong Watch and the U.K. Conservative Party Human Rights Commission.

Earlier, Law said that the group was planning to proceed with private prosecution of a number of senior British officers in the Hong Kong Police Force for torture.

The expatriate officers allegedly engaged directly in torture against Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters, or directed others within the force to carry out the crimes, during citywide protests caused by a now-withdrawn extradition bill in June last year.

According to the campaign organizers’ plan, Edmonds Marshall McMahon, a specialist private prosecution firm, is advising them on the legal case, which is supported by a few Members of Parliament.

The organizers said the officers involved would not be named at this stage, but emphasized that they were subject to British law.

Earlier, the group called for witnesses who had allegedly suffered physical, psychological and sexual abuse during police custody, and alleged victims of a June 12, 2019, incident at CITIC Tower in Admiralty, where police fired tear gas without prior notice to disperse a mass assembly near the Legislative Council complex.

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