Exclusive: Taiwan man pulled strings for Hunter Biden’s businesses in China

Published (HKT): 2020.10.16 15:16
Taiwanese resident Michael Lin (Left) and Hunter Biden (Right).

A Taiwanese businessman brokered investment deals in mainland China over the past decade for Hunter Biden, the second son of United States presidential candidate Joe Biden, the Apple Daily edition in Taiwan reported, citing an investigative report on Friday.

According to the 40-page English report that Apple Daily obtained exclusively, Taiwanese resident Michael Lin, 57, played an important role in arranging meetings between Hunter Biden and Chinese political and business figures.

Lin graduated from the department of international business at National Chengchi University in Taiwan and obtained a master’s degree from the school of management at Yale University in Connecticut. He worked for a number of securities firms after graduation.

In the past 10 years, he became a middleman helping to set up meetings and establish connections for the children of prominent American politicians so they could seek business opportunities in Taiwan and mainland China.

Hunter Biden visited China at least six times during the eight-year tenure of his father as U.S. vice president, and all the trips involved Lin as the middleman, records of the U.S. Secret Service showed.

The junior Biden’s business dealings in China and Ukraine have become an issue in the U.S. election race between his father and the incumbent President Donald Trump.

It was understood that Taiwan’s National Security Bureau had been suspicious about Lin’s work as well, Apple Daily reported. He had also helped Biden to seek business opportunities in Taiwan, according to an Apple Daily investigation. Biden visited Taiwan in 2011 and attended a reception dinner arranged with a trade association that was friendly to the pro-China political party Kuomintang.

Besides Biden, other attendees of the dinner were said to be James Bulger of the Thornton Group, who is the son of a former Massachusetts senator, and Devon Archer, a close relation of a secretary of state under the U.S. administration of Barack Obama.

The daughter of former Executive Yuan president Wu Den-yih and a number of senior management form various companies were invited as well.

Some of the attendees told Apple Daily that they had forgotten the dinner details, and only one of them described Biden as being quiet during the event.

Lin was said to have been restricted from leaving mainland China because of financial disputes and could be in Beijing currently, Apple Daily cited unnamed sources as saying.

Apple Daily tried in vain to reach Lin over the phone and email. His brother-in-law told the newspaper that they had not been in contact for about a year and that he was not sure whether Lin was on the mainland at the moment.

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