Taiwan restaurant targeted in feces attack to reopen as police expands investigation

Published (HKT): 2020.10.19 06:27

Aegis, the Taipei restaurant that was recently attacked with chicken feces after it showed support for Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters, aims to reopen for business after Friday Oct. 23, its main financial backer told Apple Daily.

Daniel Wong, a lawyer and pro-democracy politician in Hong Kong, said the restaurant’s kitchen area had been severely contaminated by the chicken feces, and all equipment, including the stove, had to be replaced. He estimated that it would cost NT$400,000 to NT$500,000 (US$13,898 to US$17,373).

The restaurant was looking into second-hand equipment as a way to save costs, Wong said. It would also need to hire a professional to install the stove, he added. Wong, however, has not yet decided whether or not he will need to go to Taiwan to help out with the reopening.

Aegis' store manager was doused with chicken droppings and subsequently contracted conjunctivitis, Wong said.

A man surnamed Mo, 27, was arrested hours after he allegedly threw a bucket of chicken feces at Aegis on Friday during noontime. Initially, he claimed that he had food poisoning after eating at the restaurant. He showed the local police pictures of the medicine he bought from a pharmacy and dishes in which cockroach legs were found.

But the police did not buy Mo’s story. Further investigation revealed that Mo was paid NT$15,000 to carry out the feces attacks.

The police arrested three other suspects. The three men caught the police’s attention when they were outside the court inquiring about Mo. Security footage also showed them at Aegis before and after the incident. Taiwanese media reported that they were each paid NT$15,000 to carry out the attack.

The four men could be charged with assault, intimidation, public insult, property damage and related charges after further investigations. Local police said they will expand the investigation to find the real masterminds behind the attacks.

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