Student journalist faces two charges over May protest

Published (HKT): 2020.11.04 18:41

A student journalist in Hong Kong has been charged with obstructing police and resisting arrest in relation to a protest in Central district in May.

Nelson Tang, a member of the Hong Kong Baptist University Students' Union Editorial Board, was charged on Tuesday night, almost half a year after he was arrested at the luxury IFC mall on May 8 while reporting on a sing-along protest held during the lunch hour.

The case will be heard at the Eastern Magistrates' Courts on Friday.

Tang was originally arrested for acting in a disorderly manner in a public space, instead of obstructing police. Police did not explain the reason for the change of charge, he said.

The student accused the police of perjury, saying they called him a fake journalist after failing to find any concrete evidence to prove his alleged crime. He had expected charges to be pressed after the arrest of veteran broadcast journalist Bao Choy on Tuesday afternoon over the production of a documentary critical of the police, he said.

The university would assist Tang in his case, which was being followed up by a lawyer, senior journalism lecturer Bruce Lui told local media outlet Stand News.

During the IFC protest, Tang was surrounded by police officers and subdued on the ground. He was previously taken away in another mall during a November protest. At the time, he had lifted up his shirt to show he had not been injured during the arrest, implying that if he later sustained injuries it would be due to his detention at a police station, where allegations of officers beating up detainees were widespread. As he did so, a police officer told him to “take off his trousers.”

Another officer even said, “buggery is fun at San Uk Ling” detention center, according to Tang.

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