‘Ten Years’ filmmakers dedicate awards at Taiwan’s Golden Horse to Hong Kong

Published (HKT): 2020.11.23 06:50
Apple Daily interview with Chow Kwun Wai 周冠威, Director of the movie "Beyong the Dream"

The crew of 2015 dystopian anthology “Ten Years” – who scooped prizes at Taiwan’s 57th Golden Horse Film Awards – dedicated their victories to Hong Kong, saying that they hoped the dreams of the city’s people would come true one day, just as theirs did on Saturday night.

Best adapted screenplay was picked up by Felix Tsang and Kiwi Chow’s romantic drama “Beyond the Dream,” while Kwok Zune’s short film “Night Is Young,” which is set against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s 2019 protests, won the best live-action short.

Chow and Kwok were directors of two of the short films in “Ten Years,” which imagined how Hong Kong would become in 2025 under China’s growing influence. The film was heavily criticized and banned in mainland China but went on to win best film at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2016.

Both Golden Horse-winning projects are also produced by members of the “Ten Years” crew. Ng Ka-leung, one of the directors and producers of “Ten Years,” is the producer of “Night Is Young,” while Andrew Choi, also a producer of “Ten Years,” is one of the producers of “Beyond the Dream.”

Upon receiving the award on stage, Tsang chanted “Hong Kong add oil,” a common slogan during the Hong Kong protests that loosely translates as “Go, Hong Kong.” Chow, who was unable to pick up the prize in person, told Apple Daily that Tsang spoke what was also on his mind.

“Filmmaking and political resistance are very much like a dream … a dream where one can find love and hope. I hope that one day, [Hong Kong people] will have their dream come true just like myself today. We should dream on,” said Chow, who could not attend the event because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tsang, who has been in Taiwan promoting his film and picked up the award in person, thanked Hong Kong young people for their support, including one student in Taiwan who saw “Beyond the Dream” four times.

“Amid the pain and trauma felt by the young people of Hong Kong, ‘Beyond the Dream’ has become their consolation, a friend who keeps them company during the dark times. Although we cannot change the cruel reality right now, we can still preserve love and truth through our imagination,” Tsang said on stage.

Taiwan’s Mo Tzu-yi, who won best leading actor for his performance in the drama “Dear Tenant,” dedicated his award to “freedom, equality [and] human rights.” Mo had previously expressed concerns over the Hong Kong protests and how he was devastated by the news footage despite having only visited the city once for work.

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