Pro-democracy politician Ted Hui announces his exile from Hong Kong

Published (HKT): 2020.12.03 21:18

Former pro-democracy lawmaker Ted Hui announced on Thursday evening that he has gone on exile. The announcement on Facebook came after his Denmark visit. He added that he would quit the Democratic Party.

The opposition politician has yet to decide his destination. He said that he had always contemplated possible actions since the implementation of national security law.

“I wish to protest on the streets like how we did last year. I’ve tried my best to stay in the Legislative Council to gasp the last breath, to negotiate with the tyranny.

“But when all of these has become impossible, what I can do for Hong Kong is to voice for the city from other liberal countries,” Hui wrote, adding that he would work with other activists in exile, including Nathan Law.

“Going on exile is not emigrating,” he stressed. “I will never call anywhere else home. I will come back on the day when Hong Kong is liberated.”

“I understand if I go back to Hong Kong, there can be very, very serious consequences. I expect arrest in the airport immediately,” he said in an interview with Danish media on Thursday afternoon. It is too difficult and too early for him to tell his next destination, but his determination for freedom and for the city would never change, the democrat stressed.

Hui added that his family members found it “very threatening” as they were being tailed after the national security law was implemented. His parents, wife and children have reportedly left Hong Kong, according to local media, sparking rumors that the Democratic Party member has fled the city.

Hui said on his Facebook page on Thursday that he would not provide any information concerning his family, “nor is it necessary for people to speculate.”

He would complete the official visit as planned and inform the public of any updates, he added.

Danish parliament member Uffe Elbaek tweeted on Tuesday that Denmark would “do whatever to secure [his] stay” following Hui’s landing.

Hui later denied rumors about his plan to seek political asylum in Denmark, clarifying that his trip was made to attend meetings on climate change and would head back to Hong Kong on Friday.

In response to Apple Daily’s inquiry, Thomas Rohden, chairperson of the Danish China Critical Society and the organizer of his trip, asserted on Thursday that Hui is safe in Denmark but will not seek political asylum there.

However, another parliament member Katarina Ammitzboell told Citizen News that Hui may travel to the U.K. next.

In a meeting with parliament member Michael Asatrup Jensen, Hui called on member states of the European Union to offer Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters “a safe haven from the terror” of the Chinese Communist Party.

The 38-year-old is currently on bail and faces multiple charges connected to an anti-government protest last July and a LegCo protest in May. The judiciary granted him permission to travel after the Danish parliament provided official documents supporting his visit to Copenhagen.

Hui was one of the 15 opposition lawmakers who resigned en masse in protest of Beijing’s disqualification of four of their peers last month.

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