Beijing hospital pays US$73,000 to family who squatted in ward for six years

Published (HKT): 2021.01.04 06:56

A top Beijing hospital was ordered to pay 480,000 yuan (US$73,000) in compensation to a man and his parents, who accused the institution of mistreatment and squatted in a ward for six years.

While Luo Shengli of Beijing Xicheng District People’s Court berated the man — identified as Tian — and his parents for occupying hospital resources that could be used to save the lives of others, the judge ruled that the hospital should bear some of the responsibility for the standoff and pay the compensation.

The Tian family agreed to leave after receiving the money, and they were sent home in an ambulance.

The saga began when Tian was admitted to the hospital in 2014 after complaining of nausea and vomiting for two months, and of being unsteady on his feet for nine days. His parents stayed on the ward to take care of him.

The hospital operated, but Tian accused the institution of carrying out inappropriate treatment and he refused to pay. The three treated the ward as their home, moving cooking pots and groceries inside. They refused to leave even during Lunar New Year, which is traditionally time for families to gather at their homes.

The hospital sought a court order to get the family to leave, but dropped a demand for 1.26 million yuan in medical costs because the Tians faced financial difficulties. Expert evidence showed that Tian’s medical condition was stable and he was fit to be discharged. The court ruled that Tian should leave.

But he refused — and counter-sued last year, alleging medical negligence.

The court ruled that the hospital must bear 20% of the responsibility and pay Tian the compensation.

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