Chinese lawyer Lu Siwei tailed by unknown men, faces retribution for defending Hong Kong activists

Published (HKT): 2021.01.10 06:57

Chinese lawyer Lu Siwei, who faces the revocation of his legal license for assisting the family of one of the 12 detained Hongkongers, said he was recently followed by four men dressed in black.

Lu suspected the men could have been sent by mainland Chinese police, with one being a government worker of his district, Lu told Apple Daily. When Lu asked them about their identities, the men dispersed immediately and called the police to report his whereabouts, Lu said.

The lawyer suspected the move was in response to his demand of a hearing over the potential revocation of his legal license. It was a common practice for the government to follow dissidents to see what they were up to, he said.

Lu was the lawyer appointed by the family of Quinn Moon, who was recently jailed for two years for organizing an illegal border crossing, after a failed attempt to flee to Taiwan by sea. Lu was outspoken about the case and had written extensively to analyze the legal procedures involved.

The Sichuan judiciary on Monday issued a notice to Lu saying that it was planning to revoke his license after Lu “made multiple inappropriate remarks online” which “severely damaged the reputation of the legal industry” and “caused poor influence in society,” violating relevant laws of the industry.

Lu demanded a hearing which was scheduled for next Wednesday, saying that the incident was absurd since the authorities did not even tell him what the inappropriate remarks were.

In most cases, lawyers would be punished regardless of what was said at the hearings, and some would choose to be absent in protest. Lu said he would treat the law as it is, and would not back down in the face of the “thuggery” of the authorities, even though he understood the result would be the same.

He must let history record who was the oppressor, and he could not accept being silenced entirely when facing suppression, Lu said.

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