Critics slam anti-pedophilia group for slow response to Hong Kong police officer’s jailing

Published (HKT): 2021.01.31 05:45

A Hong Kong organisation that campaigns against pedophilia has drawn criticism for giving a late response to the conviction of a police officer for child sex abuse.

Internet users accused the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation of favoring the police after it issued a “low-key statement” about the court case on Friday, two days after officer Yu Chun-hing was sentenced to 46 months in jail.

Yu had confessed to sexually assaulting five underage girls and possessing nude pictures of another child. The risk of him reoffending was assessed to be at “the higher end of a moderate level,” according to a psychological report presented in court.

The foundation later uploaded a statement on its website that expressed disappointment in the Wednesday sentence, which it felt could not reflect the seriousness of the case and did not have a deterrent effect.

It strongly condemned Yu, saying that he should be defending the law as a police officer and yet had severely harmed the bodies and minds of six girls, and had broken the public’s trust and expectations of the force. Yu’s actions were abominable, the statement added.

The foundation also urged the government’s Law Reform Commission to protect children by implementing as soon as possible suggestions made in a consultation paper on sentencing and related matters in the review of sexual offenses.

The foundation’s move to publish the statement only on its website and not on its Facebook page sparked an outcry online. Netizens slammed the foundation for not speaking up more and for being protective of the police.

“Why didn’t the foundation simply post the statement on its office message board since it would issue only such a low-key statement?” one said.

“The foundation should close down as you haven’t had the guts to update your Facebook page for half a year,” another said.

Apple Daily columnist Fung Hei-kin compared the wording found in a statement of the foundation issued on Dec. 22 to condemn Yu and activist James Lung, who was jailed for 32 months over sexual abuse of children. The remarks on Lung were much stronger than those made against Yu, Fung said.

On Dec. 20, Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong said on Facebook that he would return a gift to foundation founder Josephine Siao because he was unhappy that it did not speak out against Yu. The post was later deleted and the foundation issued the Dec. 22 statement two days later.

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