Pro-China political elites in Hong Kong asked by Beijing to rate their own performance

Published (HKT): 2021.02.09 06:15

Beijing loyalists in Hong Kong have been asked to evaluate their own performance using a points-based system, according to a report by Citizen News.

The members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference — the country’s top political advisory body — would get points for writing pro-government op-eds, participating in street booths, and even producing content on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

A CPPCC member from Hong Kong confirmed to Apple Daily that they had received a new scoring system from Beijing, which replaced the lax evaluation the organization had been using.

The new system was a reminder to the province-level CPPCC members that “they cannot just hold onto the title and do nothing,” the source said.

The self-evaluation system was introduced by the CPPCC National Committee in 2019 and extended to province-level members recently. They would need to judge themselves on five aspects: participation in major events in Hong Kong; participation in anti-coronavirus efforts; media appearances; attendance at pro-Beijing events; and supporting Hong Kong’s integration into China.

The Beijing loyalists would earn a score out of 130, with the system detailing the points earned by each activity: those who attended street booths between May and July 1 last year to support the national security law would get five points.

Five points would be awarded for “setting up a personal social-media account on Facebook and YouTube and publishing original content,” as well as “speaking up on the issue of judicial reform, educational reform or regulation of the media.”

CPPCC members could also get five points from any media appearances or op-eds discussing COVID-19 policy, the national security law, the delay of the Legislative Council election, or the disqualification of pro-democracy lawmakers.

The new orders came from Beijing’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong, a CPPCC National Committee source told Apple Daily, adding that the points-based system placed an emphasis on community outreach.

“In the past, they only asked you to express a political opinion, but didn’t mention anything about doing district-level work,” the source said.

The system would likely have an effect on CPPCC members from the business sector, who had traditionally been less involved in community-oriented work, they added.

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