China declares victory over rural poverty, sets up bureau to ‘rejuvenate’ villages

Published (HKT): 2021.02.18 05:30

Beijing has set up a national bureau to inject new energy into rural villages and the agricultural industry, according to the Chinese Communist Party’s leading journal.

China declared last year that it had eradicated absolute poverty nationwide. Having completed its mission, the anti-poverty office under China’s State Council will be replaced by the new National Rural Village Rejuvenation Bureau.

The move was announced on Tuesday by Qiushi Journal, a bimonthly magazine published by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, in an article titled “A great miracle in the history of poverty eradication.”

“Absolute poverty, which has blighted Chinese civilization for thousands of years, has been resolved in a historic manner,” read the article, which was signed by the new village rejuvenation bureau.

Last December, China’s annual central rural work conference said its focus will shift from combating poverty to rural rejuvenation, targeting “farmers, rural villages and the agricultural industry.”

Jiaozuo, a city in the northeastern province of Henan, announced on Monday that it would follow instructions from the central government and reform its anti-poverty office.

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