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Published (HKT): 2021.04.06 09:21

By Li Ping

As the long holidays come to an end, people are concerned with whether the Wuhan virus that has calmed down a little will have another outbreak through superspreaders or outbreak clusters. The more worrying thing is recent outbreak within political clusters that have contracted the virus of the new electoral system, causing them to be delusional, nonsensical, and lost the ability to self-reflect. They are unrepentant, and suffering from patriotic anxiety, and are always guarded against the public while being intimidated by them. Among which, the ones with the most obvious symptoms are Mrs. Carrie Lam, Mrs. Rita Fan, Ms. Teresa Cheng, etc., collectively known as Mrs. What-What cluster. The infection of this cluster spreads throughout the officialdom and pro-CCP circles. It is unsure when this epidemic will be under control.

Carrie Lam has been attending interviews after interviews with mainland Chinese media and local media. While she sings the praises of the CCP stepping its foot in changing Hong Kong’s electoral system, the main focus is to give an explanation from her “good fight” to “missing the point” in her four years of governance. In her interview with Xinhua News Agency, for her own incompetence, she blamed Hong Kong’s political system for not being welcoming to talents. She also blamed education, media, and the training and management of civil servants. Moreover, she blamed some overseas governments and politicians for appointing their own agents to infiltrate Hong Kong’s political infrastructure and damage the relationship between Hong Kong and the mainland.

Regarding Hongkongers’ unwillingness to get vaccinated, Carrie Lam knows very well that the core issue is the people’s distrust of the government. “You ask them to get vaccinated, they are not willing; You ask them to get tested, they are not willing.” Yet she only said that Hongkongers are very lucky and cared for, thanks to the support from the central government, but not that even mainland Chinese government officials are avoiding the China-made jabs, nor any reflections on the mistakes made by the government to lose public support. Instead, she blamed the media and the reports for misleading the public. Such acts of shirking responsibility are once again proving that she has zero self-reflective ability, and again verifying the public opinion of her over the years: There are a million mistakes made, but none by me, Carrie Lam.

Comparing Carrie Lam’s refusal to admit mistakes, Rita Fan is even demanding Hongkongers to admit mistakes. She declared that the central government has long been very tolerant of Hong Kong, when Hong Kong has crossed the red line many times, “therefore at this moment, it is to know that one has been wrong, and should avoid the same mistakes in the future. It is not to hold onto the ‘improved’ electoral system and continue to poke and hoping to find loopholes. So what if there are loopholes? This is not going to make Hong Kong prosperous.”

What’s hilarious is that when Mrs. Fan laid out the admission conditions for the pan-democrats to participate in the Legislative Council election, she actually said, “If someone has been to the U.S. and has happily and excitedly taken photos with U.S. officials, don’t even think about entering the race.” Not only are the democratic former legislators who have visited the U.S. “shot”, but also New People’s Party’s chairperson Mrs. Regina Ip, who was so proud of her many visits to the U.S., as well as ExCo members Bernard Chan, Martin Liao, and Horace Cheung who visited the U.S. last March. So Mrs. Lam has never visited the U.S. since becoming the Chief Executive – is she avoiding the embarrassment of being sanctioned by the U.S., or the embarrassment of being criticized by Mrs. Fan?

The more absurd thing than Mrs. Fan demanding an apology from Hongkongers is Ms. Teresa Cheng has not only said that the citizens cannot cast a blank vote, but there should also be studies done to see whether regulations are adequate. To the question of “whether voting blanks is an electoral manipulation,” Erick Tsang stated that he will examine whether the existing laws are sufficient to plug the loopholes, or if other measures should be adopted. To register as a voter or not, to vote or not, to cast a blank ballot or not, are all the basic political rights of the people. When have those become unlawful and need regulation? Such guarding against the public while being intimidated by it is totally in line with the strong country-style “four self-confidence” mentality. Please, Mrs. What-What, could you tell us whether the Hong Kong electoral system should be “improved” to a point where eventually a blank ballot and not voting would be an obstruction of governance and a violation of the National Security Law?

Perhaps appointments are not the worst to form the District Council and the Legislative Council. When the illness of the Mrs. What-What cluster exacerbates, then be it the election committee or the people, everyone must cast a “yes” vote to the designated candidates for the designed results. The National People’s Congress at least has the votes of “yes”, “no”, and “abstain”, while in the eyes of the Mrs. What-What cluster, the only option is “yes”. So this is the “open, fair, and honest” election they advocate? This is a mutation of the Chinese election virus, for which there is no vaccine to counter, and no medicine to cure.

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