12-day-old baby and family among new COVID cases in Hong Kong

Published (HKT): 2021.04.07 06:00

A 12-day-old infant was confirmed to have contracted COVID-19, becoming the youngest person infected in Hong Kong.

The infant, along with his mother and seven-year-old sister, were the three new local cases reported in the city on Tuesday, a day after his father, 32, tested positive.

They lived at Yau Tong Estate in Kowloon East, and the father was an employee of electric appliance retailer Fortress. The siblings developed symptoms of fever and a cough between Sunday and Monday, after their father developed symptoms last Tuesday, the Center for Health Protection said. The mother, 31, had not yet shown any symptoms.

The baby most probably contracted the coronavirus from his family at home since their symptoms appeared around the same time, said Dr Kun Ka-yan, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Another possibility was a Kwun Tong maternal and child health center, where the mother and infant had a check-up on March 27, Kun said. They might have been exposed to the virus if they had come into contact with other visitors, he said.

The chances of the child being infected during pregnancy was low, Kun said.

Last month, a newborn baby in London tested positive minutes after delivery, becoming the youngest victim of the coronavirus in the world, British tabloid The Sun reported.

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