Aides to detained Chinese entrepreneur barred from company meeting, taken away by police

Published (HKT): 2021.04.08 06:40

Family members and advisers of Chinese billionaire Sun Dawu were on Wednesday blocked from company discussions and taken away by police, according to his lawyer, who was also removed from the meeting.

Yang Bin, a legal adviser for Sun’s firm Dawu Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Group, said that unidentified people barred her along with Sun’s sister-in-law Yan Yuxiang and company consultant Zheng Chengyue from entering the venue. Yan is the wife of Sun’s brother Dehua.

Soon after they were obstructed, police arrived and escorted the trio and others to a police van, Yang said in a post on social media platform Weibo. Officers took them to a police station and said that they would be questioned for “disruption of order at the venue,” she wrote.

“Dawu staffers have been banned from the company meeting and accused of disruption. Is Dawu still a private firm? Who’s really in charge now?” Yang asked.

Sun was taken into custody last November, together with more than 20 family members and company executives, over a land dispute and other disagreements between his company and a local state firm in Hebei province.

The outspoken billionaire was initially arrested in 2003 after he advocated for the rights of farmers and entrepreneurs. He was released after five months.

In 2019, he complained on social media that the local government had tried to cover up a potential swine fever outbreak that was confirmed by the central authorities two days after his post.

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