Editorial: Oppressive sheriff is Hongkongers’ karma or retribution? | Apple Daily Hong Kong

Published (HKT): 2021.04.14 09:39

By Koo Lap

As we enter the third consecutive day of not having any more Covid cases of unknown origin and are left with only imported cases, Carrie Lam is once again resuming her role as an oppressive sheriff by “providing incentives”, which is basically increased monitoring and abolishing free testing, to force the citizens to get vaccinated and use the Leave Home Safe app. Sharpening her daggers, she has disregarded the potential that Hongkongers working in unity could reach the clearance of the virus. From April 29, there will be no more visits to bars, restaurants, nursing homes, let alone travel abroad for those who have not received the vaccine and have not downloaded Leave Home Safe. Why are people so resistant to these two “good policies”?

Public funds were used to provide the Wuhan virus vaccines, but the vaccination rate has been surprisingly low; since made available, there have been only about 8% of Hongkongers getting the jab, which is far from the 70-80% of the population needed to establish “herd immunity”. From Israel to the United Kingdom, examples of the vaccination rate almost reaching herd immunity can be seen. Why are Hongkongers so stubborn and refusing the jab?

Needless to say, it was due to Carrie Lam’s desperation to take the lead in getting vaccinated in order to make Beijing happy. The China-made vaccine obviously has not passed WHO’s standards, and its published efficacy data is far inferior to that of the Pfizer vaccine. When Carrie Lam “led by example” to get the jab and stated that “the more doses you get the more energetic you become”, is this a scientific attitude of truth-seeking based on faces? Hongkongers are known for being smart and are unlike the high-level principal officials who succumb to her threats. Why would they bet their lives on this China-made vaccine to help Carrie Lam gain her political capital?

It is also not an exaggeration that the China-made jab is almost no different from betting on one’s life. Chile, for example, is using the China-made vaccine, and the more people get the jab, the worse its epidemic situation. In Hong Kong, a dozen people died after receiving the China-made jab. Before undergoing autopsies, the experts have already self-corrected politically and are determined that the causes of death had nothing to do with the vaccine. Although they all sing in unison about the safety of the China-made vaccine, they are all taking the Pfizer jab without exception. The facts are all laid out, and yet Carrie Lam claims that she has no idea why people are hesitant. The reasons are very simple, and Carrie Lam, who was first in her class every year, must either be pretending to be a dimwit or a fool.

Carrie Lam also claimed that it is “unfathomable” why bars and restaurants would much rather go through the paper route than a simple scan on the phone. Is she not aware that Hong Kong now has the national security law, and all opposition has been locked up behind bars? Moreover, did she not explicitly said that she would abolish prepaid SIM cards, implement laws to put Hong Kong and the mainland on the same playing field, and require phone cards to be registered under real names? Under the façade of fighting the virus, she has totally erased last year’s scheduled Legislative Council election to accommodate Beijing’s plan of “electoral improvements”? As such, how can she blame people for being skeptical about Leave Home Safe being a surveillance plot under the disguise of fighting the virus? Carrie Lam denounced this as a conspiracy theory, but on the day the “incentives” were announced, customs randomly ransacked AbouThai for missing the Chinese part in their labels. Is there anything that the government won’t do anymore?

The newest polls show that Carrie Lam’s approval rate is 18%, the disapproval rate is 72%, and the net rating is -54%. With this track record, if one could be a little introspective, even those with zero IQ could tell that taking the lead in receiving the jab is not going to accomplish anything. Yet when one’s at her wit’s end, she is left with nothing but threats: the “consequences” of not installing Leave Home Safe and not getting vaccinated would result in the deprivation of basic human rights such as dining out and visiting family in nursing homes.

The concoction of these “incentives” has once again exposed the “good fighter” side of Carrie Lam. At the beginning of the outbreak, the medical care industry asked Carrie Lam to close the border to protect the city, and even went on strikes as admonishment. “Good fighter” vowed not to comply and claimed that it would be “discrimination” if mainlanders were not allowed to enter Hong Kong, and that epidemic prevention efforts must be “mutual tolerance, respect, understanding and accommodation.” Nowadays, everyone entering Hong Kong has been “tolerated” and “respected” in a 21-day mandatory hotel quarantine, leading to air traffic plummeting 99.9% last year. At the same time, Carrie Lam also banned her subordinates from wearing masks, and ordered them to take them off immediately when they put them on. Following that, she splurged hundreds of millions of public money to buy the underpants-resembling CuMask+ masks that she is uniquely sporting in the entire SAR.

Such cruel behaviors that disregard the life and death of citizens are more than the obstinance of the oppressive sheriff, but it is the “good fighter” holding her grudge. You medical professionals wanted me to close the borders? I won’t do it. Thou impervious hoi polloi whom refuse to take the jab and install Leave Home Leave, don’t blame thy mother who is serving thou all these “incentives” on a silver platter. To have fallen into the enchantment of this psychopath, is it karma or retribution for all of our ill deeds in the previous life?

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