London billboards proclaim Hongkongers’ can-do spirit in large advertising drive

Published (HKT): 2021.04.14 17:28

Giant billboards are lining a busy London highway to introduce the identity and resilience of Hongkongers and galvanize the world community into continued punishment of the Communist Party of China for utterly destroying Hong Kong’s autonomy.

The large-scale advertising campaign started on Tuesday and would run for the next three weeks, including online placements in prominent British newspapers, organizers said.

On the billboards were background photos of Hong Kong’s 2019 anti-extradition bill protests, accompanying slogans printed in large capitals that declared “Hong Kong is not a place, Hong Kong is its people,” “Let’s find strength in each other” and “We dare to be free.”

The billboards were hung near West Cromwell Road and Warwick Road (A3220) in London.

One of the campaign organizers, Stand With Hong Kong, said that they wanted to welcome tens of thousands of Hongkongers who were relocating to the United Kingdom in search of freedom via a dedicated visa route for British National (Overseas) passport holders.

Stand With Hong Kong is a crowdfunded advocacy group that fights for freedom and democracy for the city. The group is holding the advertising campaign together with five other organizations in the U.K. which provide assistance to Hongkongers.

The idea of the drive was to emphasize the inseparable historical link between the U.K. and Hong Kong, and to promote to international society the identity and culture of Hongkongers in hopes that the British would persist in their support to the city, the group said.

It called on governments to continue to punish the Chinese party for the total destruction of Hong Kong autonomy.

“Hongkongers have never given up” was the message the organizers wished to convey to the whole world, the organizers said. They vowed to carry on with the work of political advocacy so as to connect more local British and Hong Kong people.

The group said it appreciated a 43 million pound (US$59.1 million) support package announced by the British government earlier this month to help BN(O) visa holders resettle in Britain. It urged Hong Kong emigrants to integrate into the local community without forgetting their Hong Kong roots.

Hongkongers in the U.K. were reminded to register as voters before April 19 and to cast their votes in local elections on May 6, the group said.

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