Beijing mouthpiece takes aim at HKU student union

Published (HKT): 2021.04.19 13:08

Chinese state media People’s Daily called the student union of the University of Hong Kong “a malignant tumor that needs to be removed”, in a strongly worded editorial on Monday.

“Madly testing the bottom line, the student union must not be left ungoverned,” the paper wrote. It accused the student union of “provoking and smearing” the “one country, two systems” paradigm by lambasting the national security education day in a public letter.

In a letter to Vice Chancellor Zhang Xiang on the first national security education day last week, the student union described the national security education campaign as “a political mission” and slammed the university authorities for disregarding professionalism and bowing to the regime.

The student union has repeatedly spoken out to provoke on critical times such as when the amendments to the Basic Law annexes were passed and the national security education day, blatantly smearing “one country, two systems” and undermining the constitutional order, the Chinese editorial wrote.

The mouthpiece listed the wrongdoings of the student group “on the evil road to anti-China and disrupting Hong Kong.” They include publishing articles on Undergrad, the student union publication, that support Hong Kong independence; spending public funds on pro-democracy media outlets in a show of support to Jimmy Lai, the founder of Apple Daily; and hosting an art exhibition that glorifies violence.

“These are not students, but rioters hiding on campus,” it added, accusing the student union of attempting to lure more students into the trap and spreading reactionary thoughts.

The editorial ended by calling for a reform in Hong Kong education and a strong dose of medicine to remove the “malignant tumor” in the ivory tower. Those who play with fire will be burned, it warned.

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