Witness accused of tailing Tanya Chan in COVID gathering breach trial

Published (HKT): 2021.04.19 19:13

Defense lawyers of former legislator Tanya Chan accused a witness in the social distancing case of stalking the defendant.

49-year-old Chan and 36-year-old Gordon Lam, convenor of the Hong Kong Small and Middle Restaurant Federation and Chan’s former colleague from the Civic Party, were charged with violating social-distancing rules for gathering of more than four people at a bar in Prince Edward last April.

32-year-old Chan Wai-choi, who was in charge of the bar, Hands, also faces two summons of knowingly allowing a prohibited group gathering and failing to comply with the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation.

Under cross-examination in court, Poon, who reported the incident to the police, admitted she noted down the license plates of five vehicles outside the bar and captured Tanya Chan getting in a cab on camera.

The defense pointed out that most of the windows and doors of the bar were covered in frosted glass, which would have made it difficult to identify customers at the bar. The defense also questioned why Poon stood across the street to observe.

Poon admitted to recording the license plates of five vehicles in order to provide the information to police. The defense argued that one of the photos, which showed Chan getting on a cab, could only have been taken from the middle of the road and accused Poon of capturing the shot with a long lens. The defense deduced that Poon was stalking Chan, rather than meeting friends as she claimed.

Lui, another witness and a friend of Poon, admitted he requested a correction to his statement after noticing inconsistencies in their accounts of the incident, but denied discussing the case with Poon.

Escorted by two plainclothes officers, Poon left the court in a private police vehicle.

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