Foreigners have no say in China’s human rights situation: envoy in Sweden

Published (HKT): 2021.04.23 05:30

Foreigners have no right to comment on China’s human rights situation when 1.4 billion Chinese people are satisfied with their living quality, said Beijing’s ambassador to Sweden.

Gui Congyou’s comments came after China’s nationwide boycott of those fashion brands that declared they would cease sourcing cotton products from the country’s northwestern region of Xinjiang over human rights concerns. Sweden apparel giant H&M was among the first to be ensnared in the state-supported attacks.

The 55-year-old combative diplomat gave the interview to a Swedish television broadcaster about a week after the embassy’s threatening email to Swedish freelance journalist Jojje Olsson.

Gui, who was previously listed as an “unpopular person” by the country’s third-biggest ruling party the Sweden Democrats, is reportedly due to be expelled soon.

There was no historical grievance between China and Sweden, no geopolitical conflict and no material conflict of interest, Gui said in the interview. He suggested that Sweden should proceed with the fundamental interests and aspirations that both countries share to promote the healthy, cooperative and stable development of Sino-Sweden relations.

Human rights are a common value of all mankind, and under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, the cause of human rights in mainland China has continued to make progress, Gui said.

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