CCP steps up nationwide political-legal rectification campaign

Published (HKT): 2021.05.04 20:10

At least 31 provinces and cities in China have launched special task forces to push for Xi Jinping’s rectification campaign for political and legal institutions, as more and more officers are subject to phone checks and checks of social media accounts.

Ahead of its centenary later this year, the Chinese Communist Party has been ramping up efforts to tighten control over law enforcement and judicial agencies across the country since 2020.

According to Radio Free Asia, at least 376 police officers in Inner Mongolia have taken the initiative to confess their misconduct, after the authorities responsible for “nationwide education and rectification of the political-legal institutions” urged self-reporting in a bid to eradicate any black sheep in the system.

“The central government has dispatched agents to talk to local officials and police in different places. The agents can search their offices and cars without warrants,” a source familiar with the matter told RFA. “Local officers must also hand their phones over for examination.”

The source added that officers were required to disclose all their profiles on social media, which would be assessed and evaluated thoroughly by agents from Beijing.

Sung, a retired professor at Guizhou University, found Xi’s latest campaign highly similar to the Yan’an Rectification Movement in 1942, which served to entrench Mao Zedong as the leader and ideological figurehead of the CCP.

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