Profound changes brought by Hunter’s laptop|Lee Yee

Published (HKT): 2020.10.24 09:30

The U.S. election may lead to profound changes in politics, business circles and the media in America. The tipping point? The laptop computer of Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

The mainstream media in the U.S. is deliberately steering clear of the Biden “computer gate”. In Hong Kong, only Apple Daily reports it. The other day, Donald Trump walked out on CBS' 60 Minutes interview as he found the journalist interviewing him biased. Afterwards, he tweeted that the interview was phoney and full of prejudice.

This week New York Times published an article saying the revelations pertaining to the Bidens' business are unsubstantiated and that the money Hunter Biden made out of China was a fund-raising goal set by an investment firm. The article indicated Trump was not innocent either as he had a lot of business dealings with China and had a Chinese bank account. In addition, his daughter Ivanka Trump had won Chinese trademark approvals for her personal business in China and Hong Kong. Until last year, China’s biggest state-controlled bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, rented three floors in Trump Tower, a building owned by Trump.

Before Trump won the presidential election in 2016, he had never set foot in politics. What is so wrong with a businessman having a bank account in China and his daughter having won trademark approvals? When a client wants to rent an office at his building, why can’t he let the client do just that? And to say Trump is not innocent can do nothing to justify Biden’s alleged misdeeds but is actually tantamount to acknowledging Biden’s ties with the Chinese Communist Party. Whataboutery is a trick that children use. The New York Times, which has an honorable history, has lost its honor in one go. Why is this happening? Is there anything that cannot be told?

While the majority of media outlets are defending Biden by avoiding talking about the computer gate, the Wall Street Journal has bucked the trend, running a weighty editorial on October 21 criticizing the media for playing down the matter. The editorial stressed that given the gravity of the allegations, Biden is obliged to answer questions about the financial dealings of his son and his, especially those involving their deals with CEFC China Energy.

The Wall Street Journal is the second mainstream media outlet after Fox News to have raised questions about the Biden scandal. But it should be noted that it took the U.S. mainstream media one week before saying anything.

Meanwhile, the FBI has also spoken about the issue. Two senior U.S. government officials confirmed to Fox News that the FBI has Hunter Biden’s computer, which contains his email correspondence with his foreign business contacts, including those in Ukraine and China. A senior FBI law enforcement official said the emails are authentic.

For the first time, the FBI responded to the Ron Johnson, who heads the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman. In a written reply, the FBI said it has nothing to add regarding to the statement issued on October 19 by John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence. Ratcliffe’s statement points to one thing, which is that the content in Hunter Biden’s computer is not Russian disinformation.

In effect, the senior government officials, the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence have refuted the Democratic Party’s claims that the computer gate is Russian disinformation.

The question now is: who handed the computer to the repair shop without taking it back? Speaking of the pornographic images allegedly stored on Hunter Biden’s computer, Rudy Giuliani, who exposed the scandal, said “every photograph I have, China has”.

If China has got everything, then the data on Hunter Biden’s computer, including the obscene images and information on the money affairs in question, might well have been sent to him by the person who wanted to blackmail him and his father. It is like setting a sex trap for a man. Blackmailing once may not be enough to make the man yield, and the blackmailer will relentlessly demand more and more money. The only way to deal with this kind of blackmailing is to kill the blackmailer. But if the blackmailer is too powerful to be eliminated, the best thing to do is for the blackmailed to expose everything himself, like a husband who confesses to his wife that he has cheated on her. This way, the scope of damage can be limited to a certain extent. The signature on the receipt of the computer repair shop is reportedly similar to that of Hunter Biden. This suggests it was probably Hunter Biden himself who took the computer to the shop. He and his father might have decided that the only way to free themselves from China’s control is to expose the scandal themselves. In particular, if Biden wins the election and China does not stop threatening him, things can get even more worrying for him and he might end up committing some serious crimes. On the other hand, he may not necessarily lose the election by detonating the bomb himself. The ball is in the court of the voters now. It is a big gamble.

The truth is not yet known, but the computer gate has revealed how China is using money and women to infiltrate the U.S., piercing through the offensive and defensive alliance of America’s stakeholders. Enormous changes may ensue.

(Lee Yee, a prominent political commentator in Hong Kong who embarked on a career of writing and subediting in 1956, has been contributing unremittingly political commentaries to the local press.)

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