Letter from home to the 47︱Wu Chi-wai stays composed in the storm!

Published (HKT): 2021.04.06 09:04

47 pro-democracy activists are prosecuted for colluding to subvert state power by taking part in primaries under the National Security Law. Up till now, 11 of them have been remanded on bail. Apple Daily invites people outside the walls to write them letters to boost their morale.


How are you?

A friend of mine said he was glad about knowing that you were hanging in there in prison after receiving your reply to his letter recently. The accusation brought against you(violating the National Security Law by taking part in primaries) is literally groundless. I’m sure you have wrath and suffer from depression, but what’s most important is to stay strong-willed or else it will be really difficult for you to persevere on.

When talking about you with other people, more often than not quite a number of them said: “They even mess up with someone as moderate as Wu Chi-wai…” In such an era of abnormity in Hong Kong, there is no difference between being moderate and radical: as long as one puts up just a little opposition against the government, one has to fare poorly. We all admire your coolness and composure. You have been staying calm all the way through in the storm. Sometimes you even put on a smile on your bitter face to console others.

You are not glaring among a bunch of political figures, nor are you attention-drawing, but rather you are low-profile, yet making yourself exceptionally trustworthy. Not only neighbors in King Fu are waiting for you, but other Hong Kong people are also looking forward to you being released. Take good care of yourself in jail. We all believe what goes around comes around.


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