Crying out “No” an offense︱Tsang Chi-ho

Published (HKT): 2021.04.07 11:08

Showing a record low of its IQ score every day, the regime can be said to have plunged into somewhere as low as a nadir. Being grand masters of holding back laughter and poker-faced comedians, the government officials are even able to come up with dialogues as preposterous as they are laughable without batting an eyelid.

What’s new in the latest trailer is: measures will be taken against those calling on voters to cast a blank vote in elections, or regulations will be laid down against those calling on voters to give elections a lukewarm reaction or put them under a boycott.

Do you know what it means?

Shackled to a wood pile with an iron chain, unable to move a single step, hence barking fiercely, a dog has an electronic choker put on its neck. The creature will be given an electric shock for any single bark it gives.

You are deprived of freedom first, then banned from expressing your wrath.

It is also tantamount to something astonishing that occurs from time to time: sexually abused, a woman breaks a man’s penis when putting up a strong resistance, but as a result, the abused is convicted of “overreacting”, and turned a defendant from an accuser. It means that as a victim, you can only put up with the suffering, but are prohibited from resisting. Even if you put up a resistance, you are not supposed to overreact.

Then what should one do? Yelling “No, please stop” like acting in a movie?

With a mandate given by the National People’s Congress, Hong Kong’s electoral system is “perfected”, while Hong Kong people, whose rights are infringed upon accordingly, are powerless to resist. OK, what about shedding few teardrops and crying out to at least the onlookers, if not the authorities: I am not voluntary! I am forced!

The officials would say: “No!” Casting a blank vote may be one of the ways to “rig an election”, so a study has to be made on drawing up an ordinance to ban anyone from doing so!

Even though “mandatory voting” is a requirement in some countries like Australia and Belgium, where the civilians that do not vote are penalized with deprivation of welfare, no one is compelled to cast a vote with an assigned option, or banned from casting a blank vote. Ridiculously enough, the SAR government alleged that it would make a study on how to prohibit people from casting a blank vote.

From a strategic point of view, I grasp it pretty well. While what has been done is trumpeted as “perfection” of the electoral arrangement, it is said a few million people have signed to show support for it, as well as the masses giving it the nod. If on the election day an enormous number of blank votes make people believe that only “idiots” would cast a vote, how would the boss live with the reality? Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee having been heckled by foreign forces on Hardtalk relentlessly with the question “Do you know how many seats your party won in the District Council election?”(Answer: zero!) is mortifying enough. With another embarrassing question “Do you know how many blank votes there are?”(Answer: many zeros!) on the way, all SAR government officials and the pro-democracy camp should get ready to have their backs tattooed with two words: “loyal trash”!

(Tsang Chi-ho, columnist)

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