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Published (HKT): 2021.04.10 10:14

by Fong Yuen

During a press conference on Apr. 6, Ned Price, the U.S. State Department spokesperson, said the U.S. would engage in close consultations with its allies on boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics and coordinate an approach based on their shared interests and values. He also said this issue is on the agenda, both now and going forward.

A “senior official” of the State Department clarified later via email that what Price meant was a coordinated approach of the U.S. and its allies toward China and not only about boycotting the Winter Olympics.

Price was very clear in his speech. He confirmed the U.S. WILL consult with the allies closely and elaborated that this consultation is based on their shared interests and values. It is a well-prepared answer from Price, not a spontaneous ad-lib.

The clarification from the State Department afterward also said it is “not only about” boycotting the Winter Olympics – not “only,” but “also included” boycotting the Winter Olympics.

Secretary of State Blinken said early March, “many concerns are still to be determined. Whether the U.S. will take part in the Winter Olympics is unconfirmed. It depends on the situation,” which is the real stance of the U.S.

No one has “misread” what Price said. The U.S. is indeed considering boycotting the Winter Olympics. But it is still ten months away. No one knows what will happen from now until then. Also, the coordination with the allies is not complete. So he did not want to give a definite answer, that’s all.

It is not a mistake from Price, but a show staged by the State Department, which wanted to issue a verbal warning to the CCP. Whether the U.S. and its allies would boycott the Winter Olympics depends on the major international political events happening in the next ten months. If the CCP adheres to the international regulations, they would not boycott the Winter Olympics; if the CCP insists on not improving the diabolical human rights situations in Xinjiang and Hong Kong and stopping the military threat on Taiwan Strait, then boycotting the Winter Olympics would become possible.

When Biden first took office, he declared he would work together with the allies and force the CCP to abide by the international rules. To “force” means they will use every tactic that works, subject to the severity of the matter. The western countries already have a united stance on the human rights issues in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. The U.S. and Japan have also established their common with regards to the security issue in Taiwan. Yoshihide Suga, the Japanese Prime Minister, will be visiting the U.S., and the media has revealed the joint statements of both country leaders will display a tougher stance on Taiwan security, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong issues. These will be happening gradually, united actions to force the CCP to obey the international rules.

The CCP made use of the power from the U.S. and western countries to reform, open and revive China. Once China had become powerful, the CCP repaid its gratitude by using the lucrative Chinese market to coerce the western countries to cooperate and infiltrating these countries to promote dictatorship. It has taken full advantage of the western countries, many of which have got into turmoil. But Trump ended the good times CCP had.

The CCP feels that, as a powerful country, it has to be loud and arrogant; it should not compare values but power. Therefore the wolf warrior goes around and causes trouble impudently. It believes the East is rising and the West is going down. Both the time and situation are on its side. So it faces the western countries with such an attitude as if it is the master of them all.

The U.S. had been nice for years for nothing and must feel humiliated when the CCP emerged and became a strong competitor. The no.1 strong country controlling the global situation has been threatened and bullied by a competitor it had always looked down on. It must be intolerable. When the situation changes, the U.S. decided to have a complete fallout. Both Japan and the EU have been bullied by the CCP for years and are only too happy to join forces with the U.S. So the CCP will be facing endless threats and sanctions from the international society, and the Winter Olympics is just one of them, one with a bigger impact than the others.

Xi Jinping made a telephone call to Merkel recently, and Wang Yi has also called the Japanese Foreign Minister, both trying to drive a wedge between the U.S. and its allies. Why did the CCP not think to play nice with the other western countries to isolate the U.S. and, instead, allow its wolf warrior diplomats to roam around and throw tantrums? One cannot mistreat others and expect respect in return.

The CCP offended Japan and the EU, which has helped Biden to build his international anti-Communist front. The U.S. comment on boycotting the Winter Olympics was merely a verbal warning, and there shall be consequences. Judging by the CCP’s egoistic character, it would probably not buy it, and the wolf warrior will continue to be out and about, attacking the others. It will not stop its verbal and military threat. Ten months later, the western countries boycotting the Winter Olympics will be more than just a discussion, but an event very likely to happen.

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