National security shocking education | Allan Au Ka-lun

Published (HKT): 2021.04.18 09:51

Children are the first to enjoy the fun of national security education. There is a school called HKFEW Wong Cho Bau Secondary School which arranged students to display their heartfelt messages on a national security Lennon wall: “Forever loyal to the People’s Republic of China and the Party’s decisions” and “Whatever the national security law says is right.” It is important for Hong Kong people in the new era to practice loyalty rituals from childhood and not mind being forthright. How effective is such national security education? The media often stresses the need for balanced reporting and not one-sided coverage; there is an honorary alumnus of this school named Nathan Law, who can be approached for an interview.

Beginning next school year, the great national security program will be introduced to primary and secondary schools in the subjects of general studies, geography, biology, citizenship and social development (formerly liberal studies), among others. The whole community is eagerly awaiting it, but we still have to wait for a few more months, so we can only participate enthusiastically in the National Security Education Day to taste the sweet dew.

The SAR government has put up a great show with an open day at the Hong Kong Police College, in which the disciplinary forces were the most active, the elementary school children were the most excited, and the guns, real and fake, were very fascinating. The grade school children role-played in the academy’s subway training scene, holding mock submachine guns and re-enacting the classic courageous performance of the police force on August 31 in Prince Edward Station, which became the leading photo of major news agencies, and the great achievements of the mighty police force spread widely on the planet. Some unruly people questioned whether Hong Kong parents are comfortable with their children receiving such an education. This question itself is condemnable. The children did not mimic the police kneeling down and pressing on civilians’ necks is already very restrained and civilized.

Some troublemakers asked why national security education requires the showcase of weapons. Again, they are asking a question whose answer is obvious. In the case of national security, it is important to address the question of who is the enemy. Therefore, the first thing to do is to identify the enemy, and then there will be justifications to strengthen the police force, increase legal weapons, order weaponry, and aim the guns directly at the thorn in the eye.

In an effort to illustrate the threat of foreign forces, Police Commissioner Chris Tang, without mentioning any names, explicitly equated the words and actions of the founder of Next Media, Jimmy Lai, and his media with endangering national security. It should be noted that the national security case against Jimmy Lai has already been prosecuted and is now undergoing court proceedings. Although the case has not been touched upon specifically, such criticisms against the defendant constitute a violation of the “presumption of innocence.” Sending this kind of message during the trial period may also obstruct justice and give the impression of exerting pressure on the court. As a senior member of the police force, Tang is wandering the fringes of the law, so one cannot help but wonder if there is a mole in the loyal police force. If Jimmy Lai’s defense lawyer overturns the charges or verdict on the basis of Tang’s statements constituting an unfair trial, will the top cop be in trouble and become a national security risk?

We thank our country and thank our party. National Security Education Day gave Hong Kong people a shocking education, making them understand that in the name of national security, everyone has to show their loyalty, and in order to appear uncompromising, you must first earnestly offer on the altar your cherished ones, for example, your children, your brain, and the rule of law and freedom in this city.

On the National Security Education Day, every member of the disciplinary forces put on a fancy show to support the National Security Law. Correctional Services Department (CSD) officers lined up on the field creating an enormous human screen that displayed the simplified Chinese characters for “National Security.” I stared at it for a long time, but for some reason, all I could see was “Party Security.”

(Allan Au Ka-lun, veteran journalist)

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