Letters to Prison| History will acquit you all

Published (HKT): 2021.05.05 09:50

When the law becomes a tool for the regime to suppress dissidents, Hong Kong people will use different ways to express their opinions, hoping that our friends on the other side of the wall will know that we are still there.

To Lam Cheuk-ting, the honest and noble man

Dear Mr Lam,

You are the most noble, respectable and righteous person I know.

I am a woman raised in mainland China. I know full well the preposterous, dark side of the Chinese Communist Party. That was why I wanted to marry someone to move to Hong Kong. Never did I expect to see the same things happening here.

I am just a housewife and I can’t be of much help to you, other than repeatedly watching your social media channel every day. Revenues through these channels are in proportion to how long viewers watch the ads aired on the channels, but I didn’t know that until Roy Kwong urged his audience to help watch the commercials on his social media channel for as long as possible. I now watch one to two hours of ads on your channel every day. That is what little I can do for you.

All the heroic, righteous men, the sacrifices you made have served to illustrate how dirty politics can be, and how black can be turned into white. Although you are physically trapped behind bars, your spirits are known to the world and living in the hearts of those with conscience. History will acquit you all.

Your supporter,


April 10, 2021


Thinking of you every day

I have not forgotten your names. They are in my mind every day. I am thinking of your perseverance with Hong Kong. Without your hard work and dedication, it would have been hard to wake up Hongkongers who used to live a comfortable life without a care in the world.

I sincerely hope that you will not lose your faith in prison. You have temporarily lost your physical freedom, but the high wall can never detain your free thoughts and free spirit.

Maybe we are asking every day where justice is. Indeed, under such a regime, and in this society, where is justice? I guess it is tough to come up with an answer that can appease people for now. We can only do what we believe we should do and persevere. Embrace our time; be a better person.

I pray for your every day and ask Lord Jesus to give you peace of mind, with which you will find strength.

Missing you.


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